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Startup stories




Increase the number of memberships & improve loyalty.


Improved the team’s capability to think of features that supported long term vision and strategy.


Customer Journey

Setting the workshop proved to be insightful to the client as they gained a broader perspective on their customers profile, while discovering the gaps between the service and the customers trust to engage with it.

The main findings picked from this exercise aimed to the lack of feedback loops within the platform.

My role

Facilitator, UX designer.


Prioritisation was based on the assumptions taken from the customer journey and on the easiest changes to implement, and hopefully get results from. We proceeded to introduce feedback loops and improve the tone of voice to bridge the gaps with the customers.

From left to right: Playing AI with the customers; Simple messages as these bring assurance; Be present when the customer might be struggling. This was added at the bottom of a list of products, while more work was going to be done on that list.

My role

UX designer, Interaction designer, Visual designer.